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Le chai à barriques


Le chai à barriques


Harvest reception

In 2000, under the direction of a world reknown oenologist, the wine plant of château du Petit Puch was completely rebuilt in search of top quality production.

Grapes are harvested plots per plots at the best ripeness level, avoiding over-ripeness which is prejudicable to flavours and aromas.

After a passage on our conveyor table, they are loaded in vats, respecting the typology of each plots ; it allows a good traceability and durable quality.

The fermentations

The Chateau du Petit Puch uses only stainless steel, small capacity and thermo regulated vats. The alcoholic fermentation is conducted in open vats, under temperature control, with morning and evening punching down. This punching down is a manual mixing of the marc with the must or juice which allows the gentlest extraction of the tannins, fruit and aroma of the grapes.

After the alcoholic fermentation the wine is drawn off and the marc is pressed. The Chateau du Petit Puch uses a small vertical basket press which limits the astringency and the green taste, such producing high quality press wine. This wine is then used in the making of the final blend.

During the alcoholic fermentation which is the transformation of natural sugar into alcohol, the nature of the game was to prevent temperature to raise too much in order not to destroy the natural yeasts.

On the contrary, the second fermentation the malo-lactic, which is a natural biological de-acidification must be conducted under a minimum of temperature. It is conducted in vats and gives the young wine its smooth and round taste.


After one or several drawing off to eliminate the lees, the wine is put into barrels during winter. It lives twelve months in oak barrels changed every three rolling years and is finally blended and prepared to be bottled.

The wine plant of Chateau du Petit Puch, housed in 14th and 15th century building, incorporates the most advanced practices in wine making and are under very strict hygiene control. It is this chain of quality, managed by a very passionate team, which allows the production of this wine structured and smooth, well balanced, with aroma of ripe fruit, velvety and long in mouth, a real pleasure to enjoy.